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Delivery to Ireland now available again 🥳
Delivery to Ireland now available again 🥳
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The IE FDS front-mount intercooler kit (FMIC) increases horsepower and eliminates heat soak. Get the most out of your tuned or big-turbo Audi 2017+ B9 A4, S4, S5, A5, or Allroad by installing the IE FDS intercooler system. The intercooler kit is complete and drop-in. Installation is possible in an afternoon using a standard toolset.


  • The massive intercooler core is nearly 2 times larger than stock
  • Extensive quality control and pressure testing is completed on all units
  • Intercooler end tanks attach to factory hoses for a perfect fit
  • Increases horsepower and torque by reducing intake air temp
  • FDS technology utilizes the intercooler core more effectively than the competition
  • Water/meth ready with a ⅛ NPT bung cast into inlet end tank
  • High-performance bar and plate core measures 21.25x17.5x2.5"
  • Fully machined inlet and outlet to prevent boost leaks
  • Highly visible with upgraded grille
  • Cast aluminum intercooler end tanks result in superior flow
  • Includes all necessary hardware and hose clamps for installation

FDS (Flow Distribution System)

The IE FDS (Flow Distribution System) has proven to distribute charge air uniformly across the inlet end of the core. In contrast to other intercoolers on the market which rely on natural airflow across the core, our FDS technology uses precisely shaped and placed fins cast into the inlet plenum to fully take advantage of the large core volume effectively using the entire core. As a result, the IE FDS intercooler has been proven to reduce IAT (intake air temperatures) more so than competing intercoolers, thus offering the largest power gains possible.

Integrated Engineering Audi B9 FDS Intercooler (A4, A5, Allroad, S4 & S5) ML Performance UK

Technical Features

Increasing horsepower of your B9 is a simple task with several tunes and upgraded turbos available. However, it is important to keep in mind that increasing horsepower will result in heat soak of the stock intercooler and parasitic power loss. The IE front-mount intercooler system was designed to directly replace the factory unit while utilizing a much larger core and our proven FDS (Flow Distribution System) to effectively utilize that larger core. These features allow for much higher cooling efficiency than the factory system, thus reducing intake air temperatures and safely increasing horsepower output. The IE FDS intercooler is also a direct fit, requiring no cutting, modification, or time-wasting hassle during installation. Read below for more in-depth information on each intercooler feature. 

Eliminate Heat Soak

Heat soak occurs when the heat generated exceeds the cooling capacity of the intercooler. The most common symptom is the noticeable loss of power after long term acceleration or several back to back power pulls. By greatly increasing the core size and useable area of the core with FDS technology, we have eliminated the heat soak, keeping the intake air temperatures consistently lower than OEM and competitor intercoolers. (See dyno chart in power charts tab)

Precision Engineered

Unlike other intercoolers that are simply put together to fit on the car and offer a larger core, the IE FDS intercooler line receives special treatment from start to finish. Our engineering department uses Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) software to optimize the end tanks and FDS system for minimum pressure drop and maximum flow and cooling.

Decreased Pressure Drop

Along with lower intake air temperatures, the large core within the IE intercooler also decreases pressure drop when compared to the factory unit. Simply put, pressure drop is the amount of pressure that is lost as air travels through the intercooler. As airflow boost pressure is raised, pressure drop typically begins to climb. By using a larger core that flows much more freely than the factory core, pressure drop is reduced, decreasing the need for the turbocharger to work harder to produce the required boost levels. This allows the turbocharger to deliver more usable boost pressure to the engine. (See dyno chart in power charts tab)

High Quality Construction, Perfect Fitment

Not only does it offer the highest cooling efficiency on the market, the IE FDS intercooler also offers perfect OEM replacement with absolutely minimal modification. It has CNC machined mount points and every IE intercooler allows you to reuse the factory mounting points and installs as if it were a factory piece. You will also find that the IE intercooler receives the same attention to detail and quality as every other IE product, with cast and machined end tanks, precise TIG welding, and a dense bar and plate core. Every intercooler is tested on our in house intercooler testing station before shipping, ensuring that it is ready to install.

Complete Kit

The kit comes complete with one FDS intercooler and all hardware needed for installation.

Horsepower And Torque Results

The IE Audi B9 FDS Intercooler increases horsepower & torque by decreasing IAT (intake air temperature) and reducing knock. This makes your car much more predictable and consistent because it will not heat soak rapidly like the OE Intercooler.


Integrated Engineering Audi B9 FDS Intercooler (A4, A5, Allroad, S4 & S5) ML Performance UK

Integrated Engineering Audi B9 FDS Intercooler (A4, A5, Allroad, S4 & S5) ML Performance UK

Pressure Drop Results

Typically upgrading to a larger intercooler core results in added pressure drop, resulting in power loss. IE's FDS design eliminates this problem and works to deliver more boost to the engine by minimizing pressure drop across the intercooler. On the B9 platform, our FDS Intercooler reduces Pressure drop from 1PSI to .3- a drop of approximately 70% at Stage 1 power levels!

Integrated Engineering Audi B9 FDS Intercooler (A4, A5, Allroad, S4 & S5) ML Performance UK

Intake Air Temperature Results

Our unique IE FDS Intercooler design for the Audi B9 platform consistently results in an IAT drop of approximately 20C-30C average at end of open throttle pulls compared to the factory intercooler.

Integrated Engineering Audi B9 FDS Intercooler (A4, A5, Allroad, S4 & S5) ML Performance UK

Integrated Engineering Audi B9 FDS Intercooler (A4, A5, Allroad, S4 & S5) ML Performance UK

Flow Results

The highly engineered FDS design unique to IE intercoolers uses a carefully shaped fin system located inside the intercooler end tank to force the path of intake air. This ensures charge air utilizes the full intercooler core more effectively than conventional intercoolers resulting is less pressure drop, lower IAT temps, and more power resulting in the most efficient intercooler design on the market.

Integrated Engineering Audi B9 FDS Intercooler (A4, A5, Allroad, S4 & S5) ML Performance UK


At what point will I need the IE FDS intercooler for my car?
With extensive testing, we have found that all B9 chassis vehicles have very poor factory intercoolers and can benefit greatly from our intercooler upgrade. Most beneficial on vehicles equipped with stage 1 software or higher, and is absolutely necessary to upgrade with a big turbo setup as well.

What all is included with the IE FDS intercooler?
The intercooler kit includes the direct-fit core, install brackets, necessary bolts and washers, and an installation manual.

Are there any modifications required to install the intercooler?
No! The IE FDS intercooler is a direct replacement for the applications listed above. There is no trimming, cutting, or modification needed for installation.

Do I need to purchase anything else to install the IE FDS intercooler?
This intercooler includes all necessary hardware and parts for installation.

What kind of power increase will I see with the IE FDS intercooler?
The power increase is dependent on the tune or turbo setup and the boost levels that you are running. Tuned ECUs and larger the turbo setups run higher boost pressure, higher boost yields larger gains with the IE FDS intercooler.

How much horsepower will the intercooler support?
We have tested the IE FDS intercooler to over 600hp successfully with room to grow. Supported power is in the 650-700hp range, but will ultimately depend on the turbo setup and operating conditions.


  • AUDI - S4 2017+ (B9) 3.0T engine
  • AUDI - S5 2017+ (B9) 3.0T engine
  • AUDI - A4 2017+ (B9) 2.0T engine
  • AUDI - A4 Allroad 2017+ (B9) 2.0T engine
  • AUDI - A5 2017+ (B9) 2.0T engine

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