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10% off all Vinyl Wrapping quotes, click here to find out more

Detailing and Valeting

Give your car that showroom finish

  Just so you know we'll be launching this service in April 2020, you can make a booking now at a discounted rate to guarantee your slot when we launch. Please contact us to make a booking.

About Detailing & Valeting

Vehicle detailing is a way to bring your car back to showroom finish. Our in-house team has vast experience when it comes to detailing and valeting your pride and joy, from maintenance washes using the safest techniques to extensive paint correction and ceramic coating.

We have a wide range of services that will bring your car back to that showroom finish. We provide these services from our premises in Warrington, Cheshire.

   Did you know? You can split the cost of your detailing over 1-12 via our payment partner Klarna.

Our Services

These prices are estimated and do not reflect the price for all sizes of vehicles, they may be higher or lower than quoted depending on size of the vehicle and other factors. Please contact us directly for an accurate quote.

Detailing services

Service Description Price
Paint correction Multiple stage paint corrections that will remove swirls, holograms and other defects in your car's paintwork. from £250
Ceramic coating Long lasting protection for your car using industry leading ceramic which prevents light scratches, swirls and more. from £350
Paint protection film Application of self-healing paint protection film that prevents moderate scratches, stone chips and other light damage to your paintwork. from £900

Valeting packages

Service Description Price
Silver Valet Exterior clean, spray wax, tyre sealant, engine bay clean, air freshener, interior clean. Small - £25
Medium - £30
Large - £35
Gold Valet Everything from a silver valet, plus a detailed interior clean and window wax application. Small - £45
Medium - £50
Large - £55
Diamond Valet Everything from a silver + gold valet, plus a detailed exterior clean with carnauba wax and claybar. Small - £65
Medium - £75
Large - £80

Miscellaneous services

Service Description Price
Seat shampoo Detailed clean of your cloth seats to bring them back to life. from £15-25
Exterior wash Basic exterior wash with spray wax and tyre sealant. from £15-30
Interior clean Seat shampoo or leather clean, vacuum and air freshener. from £10-20
Soft top clean Convertible soft top clean, remove any moss or other contaminants. from £30-70