XPEL Window Tinting

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About Window Tinting

Window tinting provides a wide range of benefits other than just looking good! XPEL Window Tint Film is a market leader, offering reduced glare, superior heat rejection, UV ray protection along with no metalized particles to ensure no radio, cellular or Bluetooth interference.

Starting from £80 for front window tints, with package deals available for front and rear window tints on a range of vehicles. All window tints include a lifetime transferable warranty from XPEL.

Automotive window tint isn’t just about keeping a low profile anymore. PRIME™ not only looks cool, it feels cool. It outperforms other types of films to keep you comfortable and protected all backed by the industries only lifetime transferable warranty. Protect yourself from 99% harmful cancer causing UV rays & achieve the privacy you desire with PRIME™ CS, the most color stable window tint film around.